SacInteractive meeting and schedule changes

Hi all --

We've got some changes coming to SacInteractive. Moving forward we'll be meeting on the FIRST Tuesday of each month (instead of the 2nd Tuesdays that we were using previously). Our first meeting on the new night will be tomorrow night. Nolan will be giving an "HTML5 201" presentation. The description and other details are below. Hope to see you there.

-Nolan and Jon / SacInteractive
HTML5 201

By now we're all familiar with the basics of HTML5 -- new tags for sections of a web page, new form elements, and so on. Now that the spec is finalized, let's take a look at some of the other new features HTML5 has made available to us. In this talk we'll go over things like File IO, audio, video, and SVG support, and show you various new features that are already baked into current web browsers. We'll also show some code samples on how to use them in a modern web application.

Tuesday March 3
@ Hacker Lab
1715 I Street, Sacramento CA

ColdFusion: Now and Next Recap

Last night was the "ColdFusion: Now and Next" meeting at the Adobe headquarters in San Francisco. There were some scheduling issues causing the meeting to start late, but overall I think that ended up making the meeting more valuable. Initially it was to be Rakshith Naresh and Elishia Dvorak speaking on on the roadmap for ColdFusion. Elishia had a personal matter come up and was unable to attend at the last minute (I hope all turned out well).

Rather than Rakshith giving the talk by himself, he graciously agreed to answer any questions the attendees had about ColdFusion, Adobe's plans for the future and so on. I know at times the ColdFusion product/team get a lot of "less-than-constructive" feedback thrown their way, but I must say I really appreciated the time Rakshith took to speak with us all last night. Clearly he'd already had a long day (he mentioned starting the day at 5am and our meeting didn't finish until 9:30pm) but we were able to get a lot of valuable information, and had a very candid conversation with each other.

I was able to get an audio recording of the meeting, but didn't ask everyone's permission to post that. So instead, below are some transcribed highlights of the discussion. Besides, this way you don't have to listen to the bits where we ramble on about pizza and such. :)

(Sidebar and personal reminder for my own user group when ordering food make sure to get a VEGGIE option, and make sure to get water and/or soda...not everyone eats meat, and not everyone drinks caffeine or alcohol.)

Notes from the convo are below...

Some scheduling confusion at first, began mtg with Carl and the group going over various CF things happening of late -- Dev Objective conference, new version of Mura, Lucee, etc.

Adobe is backing CF for sure. It's just not as "high profile" as, say, the Creative Cloud stuff. Adobe has 300+ products. Impossible to give all of those products a high profile.

How do we get people to recognize CF, come into the fold and use CF instead of PHP, etc?

Historically, 1 of the challenges with CF is that it does MORE than just a programming language. So to compare it to PHP isn't a true apples-to-apples comparison. Tougher to market CF than a "free" language like PHP. DOTNET isn't free, you just pay for it at a different point in time (when you buy the Windows license).

Ability to be able to find a strong developer base in CF is hard. #1 issue ISN'T the licensing feel. When compared to the cost of a developer, the CF license fee doesn't compare. The issue is finding qualified developers.

Adobe's Education Initiative is getting a reasonable response. 15 colleges now that are doing it. A few companies have said they're willing to hire interns via this CF program. This is good news. It's causing a cycle feeding into itself -- more CF developers = more colleges using the CF curriculum, etc. One HIGH SCHOOL in Australia has implemented a "web development" curriculum; the server-side portion of the class is done using ColdFusion!

What would really help is the CF Community working with Adobe. If we have ANY contact at colleges or high schools

40 hours of instructional videos available now for the courseware, so college instructors can get a full fledged curriculum for teaching CF in their class.

Adobe needs support from the community, to get introductions to instructors at the colleges. Once we can make the "intro", Adobe can take it from there. But they need help talking to the right people at the colleges.

Coming soon -- ColdFusion based hackathons and contests with a "reasonable reward" (no specifics were given) to show people how easy it is to build cool things in CF.

Lots of colleges are doing courses on-line nowadays (either the instructor records a lecture or some are thru a third party trainer entity). Finding out who the third party trainers are, and selling CF through them might also be a viable option.

Adobe has internal database of customers, broken down by "type" (i.e. is this customer a web developer, etc). Dedicated Marketing Mgr for CF (Kishore -sp?) does marketing campaigns for CF customers. The goal for the Marketing team to "reach out more and sell more".

Dealing with the negative perception all around about CF. For example, some companies don't build NEW things in CF, but they do maintain their older apps with CF. This year and next year -- reaching out to 600 of the biggest CF customers and telling them about new-ish features (CF 9 and later) so they're aware of what they've already paid for and how they can use it...many customers already bought CF 10, but haven't realized what the new features are, thus they're not taking advantage of anything.

Why isn't CF used for ALL of Adobe's web properties? -- dealing with "perception" issues inside Adobe as well. Each team wants to pick the right tool for their app, they don't just "drink their own champagne" and use CF just because it's an Adobe product. It's up to each Product Owner to pick the stack and make the pitch for what they're using. (CF is used for lots of internal Adobe apps.) It's an uphill battle even inside Adobe.

Why isn't CF Builder in the Creative Cloud bundle? -- Trying to fix that. It MAY happen some time this year, but no guarantees. (Working on a new ColdFusion Builder update to fix some issues as well.)

Sublime Text Editor and Brackets are gaining popularity for CF developers too.

The big need for CF developers is a big issue. Not specific to CF. "9 to 5 developers" aren't ever going to change their behavior.

Potential new ColdFusion User Group meeting idea -- "ColdFusion Speed Dating". Invite companies hiring CF guys, and invite CF devs looking for work. Make it a "mixer" of sorts for everyone.

Adobe team wanted to create a "ColdFusion Job Portal" on the Adobe site, but the Adobe Legal Dept said no.

The CF University courses are available to anyone. They're not publicly accessible, but email Rakshith and he'll coordinate getting you the info.

More CF Speed Dating mixers and more CF Hackathon 1-day events -- everyone seems to like these ideas.

Is there an opportunity to bundle ColdFusion with other products. Allaire CF used to be bundled with things (GIS software, for instance). Can this be done present day with other software? What about ordering servers from Dell, etc, with software pre-installed. Can we get ColdFusion as a pre-installed option when I order a server?

There were hosting companies that were bad at hosting ColdFusion servers, and that was a negative issue for a while. Fortunately/unfortunately there are fewer companies hosting CF now, so there are fewer bad hosting companies than there were in years prior. Adobe is reaching out to the bigger hosting companies (RackSpace, etc) to inquire about doing more ColdFusion hosting.

Tonight at SacInteractive -- 2015 Planning meeting and Software Raffle!

This month we're going to do an "all hands on deck" planning session for 2015. Everyone is encouraged to bring their ideas for SacInteractive. If there's a topic you'd like to see us present, or something you'd like to present on yourself, please come to the meeting and discuss with us. We'll also be going over plans for the new logo, website, and other enhancements for the group. Plus tonight will be our SOFTWARE RAFFLE! Attendees will be entered for a chance to win a 1-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Note the new location for tonight's meeting:

California Art Institute
2850 Gateway Oaks Drive
Room 250. Sign in at the front desk.

Starts at 6:30pm.

See you there.

-Nolan and Jon / SacInteractive

Tuesday at SacInteractive -- Intro to Object Oriented JavaScript

This Tuesday night (tomorrow) at SacInteractive, I'll be giving a new (for me) presentation, "Intro to Object Oriented JavaScript". We'll go over basic terms like "class", "object", "constructor" and "encapsulation". And we'll show you how they fit into the JavaScript world. Object Oriented Programming is its own beast, and there are some aspects specific to JavaScript that are different than other OO languages. This preso hopes to bridge that gap for you.

The meeting starts at 6:30 at HackerLab (1715 I St, downtown Sacramento). Hope to see you there!

-Nolan / SacInteractive

CF Camp Wrap-Up

CF Camp 2014 is done. Overall I think it was a success for everyone. It was a very intense schedule, leaving CF Summit and immediately flying to Germany the very next morning (especially having to give presentations at both conferences). I've been a little under the weather most of the time I've been in Germany, probably mostly due to exhaustion (sleeping on a plane is never fun, nor comfortable). Much to my surprise, CF Camp had an on-site chiropractor giving free adjustments to the attendees! This was brilliant, and a huge help! She wan an excellent chiropractor, very friendly and American to boot (I was able to ask her a few things about German culture, to make sure I wasn't being rude accidentally to the locals).

All the presentations I saw were very well structured and delivered exactly what they claimed to. Feeling ill during most of Monday, I didn't take quite as many notes (nor chat with as many people) as I had intended, but still got quite a bit of value out of the sessions.

Highlights for me included...

CommandBox (Luis Majano) – Admittedly I haven't looked at all of the *Box projects as in-depth as others. I've used ColdBox for a client project before and enjoy it fine. I'd heard of CommandBox before but didn't investigate it closely. It's becoming a really impressive project! Even before Luis was done presenting, I was getting inspired, and thinking of several things I could use CommandBox for. I hope this takes off and gains popularity quickly among the ColdFusion community.

Multiply Like Rabbits (Markus Schneebeli) – I knew nothing about Message Queue servers before this talk. Nothing. Markus did an excellent job explaining what they do and how they work both in general and with Rabbit MQ (and via ColdFusion). He is an excellent presenter and very nice guy, I wish I had more time to talk with Markus at the conference.

Dependency Injection with DI/1 (Chris Schmitz) – I feel there's always been a lack of -good- quality "intro to dependency injection" talks in ColdFusion. For a long time most of them used the same "cflog example", which never really worked for me, nor did I feel the explained things in a way that was truly beneficial to new developers. Chris did a great job explaining the basics of DI and how to start using DI/1 to solve problems. He gave me a few ideas for how I can improve my own Dependency Injection presentation as well.

ECMAScript 6 (Matt Bourke) – Matt's talk was excellent. It was a massive amount of new information about what's coming in in the next version of ECMAScript / JavaScript (and also a few bits about ECMAScript 7) mixed in with a few bits of humour. His slides were clear and easy to understand, with concise and intuitive code samples for all of the topics he discussed. For the first time probably ever, I'm excited about new features coming in JavaScript. :)

Event Gateways (Gert Franz) – Thank you, Gert, for finally explaining Event Gateways in a way that made sense! This is one of the areas of ColdFusion that I've never bothered using, because (again, one of my biggest pet peeves) there hasn't been a good, clear, explanation as to why we should use them. Nothing had "clicked" for me, so I skipped this feature. Now they make sense, and I'm excited to try and use Event Gateways in an application.

Get Grulping With JavaScript Task Runners (Matt Gifford) – Matt's talks are always very enjoyable. He mixes tons of useful info with lots of humor and personality. This talk was no exception. Grunt has been on my "todo" list for a while now, and after Matt's talk I'm very excited to add it into one of my next projects.

It was a little disappointing that Adobe was a no-show. I'm unclear as to what the reasoning was for that, so I can't really place judgement or anything, but it would have been nice to see them with a presence at the conference.

Thank you again to all the European folks I met. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated. Perhaps I'll see some of you again at the WAIT Conference – I'm considering submitting a few presentations, hopefully something is selected. :)

Now to brave the weather and do some tourist things with my last day in Germany.


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ColdFusion: Now and Next Recap
Chris Geirman said: Appreciate this summary. At CF_Summit, they'd mentioned educ... [More]

ColdFusion: Now and Next Recap
Sean Corfield said: I'm curious how sympathetic the audience was? Was Rakshith s... [More]

ColdFusion: Now and Next Recap
Abhishek Shrivastava said: Nice to see, i have to build an app and when i suggested for... [More]

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