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May 12, 2015
Speaking at Into The Box and Dev-Objective

Super duper extra-nerdy nerd alert!

This week I'm in Minneapolis, to attend TWO techie conferences (Into The Box and Dev-Objective) where I'll be giving a total of THREE lectures...

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May 7, 2015
Comments temporarily turned off

FYI, I've turned off commments on the site, temporarily.  Some spam was starting to come thru and I don't have time to moderate that right now.  I plan to upgrade the "comment module" in the site to remedy this, but other things are higher priority right now so that will have to wait.

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May 4, 2015
Tomorrow at SacInteractive - Intro to AngularJS

Matt Graf will be giving us a preview of the talk he's doing at the Dev-Objective conference later this year.  He'll be going over the basics of AngularJS and looking at the different building blocks it provides. Controllers, routing, and services among other concepts will be covered.

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April 8, 2015
Presenting: Best Practices Are Best Except When They Are Not

Today I'm giving a talk for the Chicago ColdFusion User Group entitled "Best Practices Are Best Except When They Are Not". It starts at 4:30 PST and is open to anyone that wants to log in and listen to me ramble about "times I've had to break the rules" when building web apps for clients. Just click the link below at 4:30 and're in. Technology!

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April 2, 2015
Speaking at Sacramento Adobe Users - HTML5 201

Tonight I'll be speaking at the Sacramento Adobe Users Group, giving a talk on "HTML5 - 201".

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March 19, 2015
Five Things I Learned in Mura Admin/User Training
On Monday I attended the Mura Admin/User Training here in Sacramento. Normally I'm not given the title of "Site Administrator"; I typically build the site for a client and hand it over. But I wa....
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March 2, 2015
SacInteractive meeting and schedule changes
Hi all -- We've got some changes coming to SacInteractive. Moving forward we'll be meeting on the FIRST Tuesday of each month (instead of the 2nd Tuesdays that we were using previously). Our first meeting on the new night will be tomorrow ....
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February 20, 2015
ColdFusion: Now and Next Recap
Last night was the "ColdFusion: Now and Next" meeting at the Adobe headquarters in San Francisco. There were some scheduling issues causing the meeting to start late, but overall I think that ended up making the meeting more valuable. Initially it was to be Rakshith Naresh and Elishia Dvorak speak....
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January 13, 2015
Tonight at SacInteractive -- 2015 Planning meeting and Software Raffle!
This month we're going to do an "all hands on deck" planning session for 2015. Everyone is encouraged to bring their ideas for SacInteractive. If there's a topic you'd like to see us present, or something you'd like to present on yourself, please come to the meeting and discuss with us. We'll also b....
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December 8, 2014
Tuesday at SacInteractive -- Intro to Object Oriented JavaScript
This Tuesday night (tomorrow) at SacInteractive, I'll be giving a new (for me) presentation, "Intro to Object Oriented JavaScript". We'll go over basic terms like "class", "object", "constructor" and "encapsulation". And we'll show you how they fit into the JavaScript world. Object Oriented Progr....
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